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Hello Friends,

I’ve always been inspired to action by speakers who brought me valuable teaching moments through stories of real-life experiences. My goal is to inspire you through my life stories to live life with purpose, courage and faith.
The CIA taught me a lot about life, leadership and leaving a legacy. I will share with you real stories and life lessons learned through my adventures with the CIA.
I hope you will join me whether you are facing difficult decisions, feeling stuck or simply want to enjoy the journey.
In addition to my passion for developing humble leaders, I enjoy cooking Thai food, attending live arts and writing the award-winning Everybody Loves Grace children’s illustrated book series.


Katy McQuaid is an award-winning author, presenter and leadership consultant who spent more than three decades in the CIA, including 12 years living abroad. Her work in communities all over the world inspired her to share the art of humble leadership with her clients.

Katy is the founder of McQuaid Corporate Performance, LLC and a graduate of Penn State University where she attended on a full scholarship, lettered all four years as a swimmer, and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in finance. Katy’s goal is to support people and organizations in experiencing successful, meaningful, and empowered transformations.

Katy was the first female Senior Executive in the CIA’s Logistics Career Service as well as the first Senior Executive Support Officer in a South Asia War Theater. She held a key Support Officer position during the transition of US intelligence activities from one city to another in one of the largest European offices. Katy served as an Elder at Pathways Church in Denver, Colorado and currently serves as Chair of the Dorcas Aid America Board of Directors.

Leadership isn’t a title. It’s an action. You’re a leader.
Take the opportunity to step into something new and learn to practice the art of humble leadership.